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We work with two of Cuba´s leading car rental agencies who together offer virtually every car on the island, ranging from premium to compact cars and from sports cars to minivans. You can reserve and pre-pay the rental costs on-line with us, leaving just the insurance, deposit and additional mileage due upon arrival.

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Use the searches above to find and book the car that suits you best. If you need any assistance to complete your reservation, please email us and we will help you as soon as possible.

Should you choose to pick up your car from the airport, a gocubaplus.com representative will meet you upon arrival and handle all outward and return formalities for you, without your intervention. All vehicles may be collected and returned in the same fashion, therefore no taxis or courtesy buses are required from the Rent-A-Car office to the airport.


gocubaplus.com imposes a set of conditions for the rental service we provide. You must meet these conditions when you rent your car through us. Please read carefully what is explained below.

Minimum Rental Time
Rentals will not be made for less than 3 days for any car.

Limited Mileage
In the Havana province the limited mileage option starts with 3 rental days. In the rest of the country the limited mileage option does not have any time length restriction.

Unlimited Mileage
The unlimited mileage option is not available for less than 6 days anywhere and for any car, except for the Hyundai Lantra.

Insurance is mandatory. Note that the insurance options offered by some credit cards are not valid for the insurance payment in Cuba and will not be accepted. The insurance contract covers only one driver. Each additional driver must be included in the contract at a cost of $10.00 usd each day.

Deductable Insurance
Covers any damage over a deductible of $250.00. The prices of this insurance type are specified with each car model.

Full Insurance
Covers any damage, theft or accident the vehicle may suffer. Covers damages to the insured person and damages to third parties. The prices of this insurance type is specified with each car model.

Drop off
If a car is dropped off in a different province from the one in which it was rented, you must pay for the return of the car to its province of origin. You can find out the return rates in our return rates page.

You can pay the rental amount by credit card via our On-Line Payment System. Once in Cuba, for settlement of any additional charges, credit cards of types: Visa, MasterCard/Eurocard and JCB are accepted. You cannot use credit cards issued by american banks (Canadian banks are OK) The credit card restriction is does not apply to payments via our On-Line Payment System.

When you rent the car you are required to make a warranty deposit. This amount will be refunded to you at the end of the rental period. The warranty prices starts at $200.00 for all cars, except for Hyundai Lentra Manual and Automatic ($300.00 and $500.00 respectively)

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